Thursday, January 3, 2019

Upper Bent Run Falls, Pennsylvania

With the constant wet weather keeping the mountain bike trails saturated I've been searching for new outdoors adventures.  New Year's Day I went back to Bent Run Falls, near Warren, Pennsylvania.  This time I hiked up to the first fork, and then took photos and video on the way down.  Looking at the topo map I'm guessing I was about 350 feet above the reservoir when I turned around.

First fork coming in from left of photo.

For video of the falls, go to Youtube:

Trail sign at nearby Tanbark Trail.

Enlarged view of bottom sticker - BFM!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Panhandle Trail, Pennsylvania

Panhandle Trail is a paved rail trail that leads from Weirton, West Virginia to Rennerdale, Pennsylvania.

The photos in this entry are from between Burgettstown and McDonald, Pennsylvania.

Parking and access at Burgettstown, PA.
Trailside rest area near Burgettstown.

Summit near Bulger.

Approaching Midway.
Midway FD from the trail.
Spur leading to Montour Trail.
Montour Trail spur.
Montour Trail bridge.

Montour Trail info:

Trail parking at Fort Cherry.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Bent Run Falls, Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania

Bent Run Falls is a steep cascade leading from the highlands near Jake's Rocks to the Allegheny Reservoir just upstream from the dam.  There is a roadside parking area just across route 59 from Big Bend Overlook. 

After a hard rain or during snow melt the falls are an amazing place to spend a little while hiking.  They extend quite a way up the side of the mountain - probably further than you're willing to climb.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Sandy Creek Trail, Pennsylvania

Sandy Creek Trail runs between Fisherman's Cove and Van, in western Pennsylvania, near Franklin.  The southern portion runs along the banks of the Allegheny River, and the remainder is in East Sandy Creek valley.

This entry covers the trail from the Fisherman's Cove southwestern terminus, to Dark Hollow bridge, just east of the tunnel.

Roadside parking at Fisherman's Cove end of the trail.
On the bridge across Sandy Creek.
Looking upstream on Sandy Creek.
Along the trail - someone once had dreams of this as a summer cabin.
Along the Allegheny River.

Approaching Belmar bridge from the west.
Belmar bridge.
Allegheny River view from the bridge.

Trail in East Sandy Creek valley.
East Sandy Creek, a great class II whitewater run.
Once of the bridges across East Sandy Creek.
East Sandy Creek from one of the bridges.
The west tunnel portal.
Looking out eastern tunnel portal.
East Sandy Creek at Deep Hollow.

East tunnel portal.

Allegheny River Trail from Belmar bridge.
Stairs down to Allegheny River Trail by pines on left.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Buzzard Swamp, Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania

Buzzard Swamp is a Cooperative Wildlife Management area within Allegheny National Forest.  There is no camping allowed, but there are trails and roads open to hiking and biking.  Vehicle access is from Loleta Road, but there is also trail access via Lamonaville Road - which makes this possible to include in a bikepacking route for the SE portion of the forest.

Pond 13.

Plenty of beaver sign. Also saw a grouse on the way in.

Soup ride.

Pond 12.