Friday, October 21, 2011

Catching up with a few more Pictures of the Day

Just want to catch up with a couple more pictures.  Nothing spectacular, but they do show little peeks of my life.

I went for a bicycle ride around town last Friday, as I often do.  This time my path took me down into Packard Park, where I rode over the pedestrian bridge across the river.  This bridge has been there over 30 years, but this was the first time I'd ever used it.

Halfway across I stopped and snapped a shot.  I was surprised at how nice it turned out.

The next night I took Kenny out to the "Octoberfest" celebration at his school.  Not much of an Octoberfest (no beer for one thing) but it was a chance for the kids to hang out together and have some fun.  I hung out by the bonfire for a bit and tried taking a few pictures.  It seems like pictures of fire often look so white, or fail to pick up the firelight enough.

And just one more - a self portrait a bit different than the ubiquitious staring-into-the-camera-down-yer-arm shot.  This one is from a trip down to Beaver Creek to ride my mountain bike on the trails.  Nothing special - but does it have to be special?

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