Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's not easy doing nothing...

I've found this out over the last couple of years, while healing from various injuries - doing nothing is not easy.  When you're used to being active, and want to be out there every day - laying around can be very difficult.  Here I am ten days into recovery and I'm already half going nuts.  Okay, two thirds going nuts.

I did manage to wait a week before going down in the basement and riding the stationary bike.  I was wondering how much worse it would make my head hurt.  Turns out that as long as I don't bob around too much that it doesn't really bother me.   The worse part (besides the boredom of riding a stationary bike in the basement compared to riding singletrack in the woods) is that the cervical collar is pretty warm.  It has a layer of foam over the inside to keep the plastic from digging into your neck, and that foam acts as a pretty good insulator once you start excercising and generating heat.

At least I had the forethought (read: luck) to ask for a second set of pads, so that I can change out the sweaty ones for fresh.  Then a quick rinse out with hot water and I'm ready for the next time.  I hope to be able to talk myself into riding the Basement Bike at least four times a week while I'm recovering.  Actually 7 days a week is more like what I should do, but I'll settle for four.

One other thing - injure yourself a couple of times and people start to treat you kind of like you're stupid.  As in "If you keep on hurting yourself and don't give up - you must be a moron."  I don't see it like that at all.  I've never been one to give up just because I'm not the best in the world.  As long as you really enjoy what you're doing - and can afford to keep on taking chances - then keep on pushing baby.  But this accident streak is starting to remind me of the that bad luck thing I had going back in high school - I think that one was four years long.  But I intend to become so ridiculously safety oriented now that another accident will be even more unlikely.  So this is it - the end of the accident streak.  No more.  No way.

Kenny was a zombie soldier for the Cub Scout Halloween party tonight.  I did his make-up myself and I'm glad to say that it turned out way better than I'd expected.  He was one of the scarier kids there, that's for sure!  He definitely looks like he has that zombie stare!

One more thing - I went to the Trumbull Metroparks Board meeting this afternoon, and they approved the next section of trail for over at North Road Nature Preserve.  We're pretty close to finishing the first part, and now we'll be able to move right on to the second phase.   Yeah!

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