Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last day of fall

Tomorrow the is the winter solstice - when the ship turns around and heads back from the dark towards the light.  The astronomy portion of the weather says that tomorrow will be 0 min 0 sec shorter than today, so I guess they're both tied for the shortest day.  And then on Friday there will be a few seconds more sunlight, and then more and more every day after that.  Never mind that it's the first day of winter - that I can deal with.

I spent four hours last night putting new pads on an alto saxophone for my boy.  It's been a long time since I've done that type of work, and I was a bit out on a limb, but it turned out good.

We've had another two day stretch of rain, and the creeks are a risin'.  The gauge on Oil Creek is cresting just short of 7 feet, so East Sandy Creek would be prime tomorrow.  And Slippery Rock Creek is cresting at above 3,000 cfs, so Bear Creek would be running tomorrow.  Not for me though - I'm out of vacation hours and have a pretty good head cold.

I did stop down at Mill Creek and look at the Forbidden Wave.  It was looking even better than last time.  I took a picture with my hat sitting on the block to give it scale, but that cut stone is a bit longer than four feet.

And here's my first attempt to post video on the blog - a short pan of Mill Creek at the wave.

You can see it's not a killer wave, but it would be nice enough to surf.  Next time I'll take a couple of pictures of the Marshall Street wave on the Mahoning River.  It's washed out at this level, but at a little bit lower levels it makes a nice wave - longer and wider than Mill Creek.  Just have to be brave enough to get out in that Mahoning River water (not known for it's cleanliness or pristine riverbed).

Merry Christmas to everyone - including the people in Germany, Russia, Romania and Ukraine that my stats page say are readers.

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