Saturday, December 3, 2011


Kenny and I went to trail work this morning at 9:00.  It was below freezing when we got there, with a layer of frost on everything.

Nobody else was there when we showed up, so we busied ourself with the continuing job of cleaning the growth off of the overgrown road while we waited.

This road will remain closed, but we'd like it cleared all the way down so that we can use it as an access for paddlers to carry their canoes and kayaks back to the creek.  We'd like to put in two boat racks along the way, so that the long carry can be broken up with a rest at the racks.  So we need to get all the weeds off the top and cut back the brush from the sides.  Bernie took over the job once he got there and cleared off another 50 feet.

Kenny and I went on back to the corner back by the apartments and started digging rocks up out of the ground.  This is one of the few places on the property where we've seen any rocks, so I thought we should get as much out of the ground as possible before it freezes up. That way we'll have some work to do moving rocks to where they're needed when the ground is frozen and we can't do much else.

This is the first weekend that I've been able to do any work since I had my accident.  It's been more than six weeks, so I can start easing out of the routine of wearing the cervical collar.  I've been taking it off for an hour or two at a time to get used to it again, but my neck is kind of week from all the time being supported by the brace.  So I knew I'd be able to do some real work day, and moving rocks was it.  I did wear the cervical collar while I worked, just for the added sense of security, but there was no problem all day.

We started at a spot where there were several rocks sticking up through the leaves.  Most of them looked to be fairly small, but we'll take whatever we can get.  Once we got to work with the shovels, pick and rockbar we were both pretty surprised to see how big they actually were.  We worked on one 10' x 15' section of ground, and pulled out at least a ton of rock, much of it 100 pounds or bigger.  And though there were some big, roundish rocks, much of it was flat enough that it will make great armoring.  We worked for about two hours, and then walked the back of the loop, pulling up flagging as we went along.  We came across Bernie on the way, walking the trail with the backpack leaf blower and clearing the tread.  Even though there were only  the three of us this weekend we did manage to get a decent amount done.

By the way, I got an email from the new CAMBA president asking what was going on with the trails down at Beaver Creek, and suggesting that maybe they could come down and help with the trail work.  I did notice that CAMBA doesn't have any big trail project this winter (though they may be pitching in on the Cleveland Metroparks trail being built), so they might be able to get some members down there to work.

I got what I think is the best picture since I started doing my Picture of the Day at the beginning of November.

I'm pretty happy how this shot turned out, though I don't know if I've learned enough to be able to duplicate it.  But I do think that on average I'm starting to take better pictures.  Give me another ten years and maybe I'll be getting decent shots regularly.  This one turned out pretty good too, I think.

With this being the week that I'm starting to get away from the cervical collar, I'm thinking that next weekend I'm going to try to step out for a bit.  I'm thinking about an easy bike ride, but maybe some kayaking or canoeing would be nice - I guess it will depend on the weather.  But I'm glad that I'm almost over with this fractured skull business - it's not been ANY fun at all.

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