Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Under the weather

Unfortunately I've been visited by some vile germ, which is trying to make it so that I can't breathe.  As a matter of fact I think this particular germ would be very happy if I just stopped breathing altogether.

Well it ain't happening, germ.  Get bent.

Before the crud of doom started to fill my chest I went back to Moraine and got in another nice loop.  And I went through some pictures from the last week, so I have a couple of decent shots.  Rather than tax my  mind with trying to come up with a (semi) decent post, I'm just going to post a couple of pictures with captions.

The abandoned section of Alexander Road at Moraine State Park 
The Shed on the switchback trail at Moraine State Park
Setting sun shines on log & rock feature on the ridgetop loop at Moraine State Park
Sunset in western Pennsylvania
Twilight approaches (and not the lame sparkly vampire kind)
Sunrise behind a cloud bank in NE Ohio
The Grid
Lanterman Mill at Mill Creek Park
There's supposed to be some nice weather this weekend, and I am optimistically hoping that I'll be able to enjoy it.  Plus I scheduled trail work for Sunday, so I'll be there unless I'm actually dying.  Fingers are crossed....


  1. No way! Today was my first morning in TWO WEEKS that I woke up and felt like life was worth living.

    Man, believe me when I say I know what you are going through. Meanwhile, today it was 77f and a clear sky. I got in 55 road miles. Good luck with that bug, Swampboy.

  2. Seems like there's a bunch of people around here with either this chest cold or some sort of stomach flu. But this too will pass.

    We got a TON of rain up here yesterday, which probably turned every trail around into mud. If I feel good enough this weekend I might end up getting a kayak or canoe out instead of a bike. We'll see if this bug lets up just a bit by then!

    Steve Z