Tuesday, March 6, 2012


That's right.  The blahs.  Mopiness.  Lack of pep.  Shortage of vim, and also vigor.
Also lacking vigor.

I'm recovering from a cold, which worried me some since it started in my chest.  But after a week it seems that I'm recovering, with no chest congestion and just a bit of sinus hanging on.  But I'm dragging around like I'm running on low batteries - just a temporary effect of being sick I'm sure.
That oughta keep everyone out.

But I've been jonesing for adventure bigtime lately.  I need to have a whole afternoon to spend out riding someplace different, or an interesting kayaking run - something to get me going again.  It's been a long winter - if not a particularly wintry one.  Many cold, wet days.  Lots of mud and clouds.  Short days and long nights.  Even just a nice ride would help, but I'm in need of some serious fun.


I headed out to Moraine on Friday for a ride.  We had 1.25" of rain on Thursday, so I was pretty happy to have a chance to get out on those super durable Moraine trails and pound out some miles.  Out of all the places I've ridden, the one that has the most character is Moraine.  It's just a tough place, that you really have to commit to in order to get the most back out of it.  I had a serious accident out there last year, but it's a really wonderful mountain bike trail system.  Here's a quick video snapshot of one of the rock gardens from Friday.

I  wasn't breathing that great yet after being sick, but I rode pretty good - even a little bit longer than I had intended.  Once again I have to mention that the time that I've spent on the accursed stationary bike has paid off when I'm riding that technical rocky stuff.  It's a great feeling to be able to clean a nice 100' long rock garden, with a bunch of tech moves in a row.  I can still remember the first time I went out there, when I was a beginner rider.  My brother and I stopped out and just walked the trails to take a look at them. As we progressed along the trail I figured I'd have to walk about half of the distance of the first loop.  Now I can ride everything on it.  I haven't managed a no-dab lap - yet - but I'd like to think that I might be able to someday.

A great place for a bike ride!

Recently it's been pointed out that my riding style is, shall we say "leisurely".  And I really have no preconceptions that I'm out there tearing it up - I've seen the young guys and the way they can get 100% more out of the same trails I ride.  But be assured that it takes every bit of energy I can muster to ride the way I do, so I'd like to think that I'm at least somewhat of an aggressive rider when I want to be.  This weekend I went through a TON of video footage from the last three years or so, looking for some decent rock riding clips.  And I put together a "glamour shots" video that kind of almost makes it look like I know what I'm doing.

Temps in the upper 50's tomorrow.  I think I may take my bike to work and ride during lunch.


  1. I often suspect that those rad videos are being run at a slightly increased speed.

    Me, I like to think my road riding style is fierce, but it would no doubt be more accurately described as stately.

    I hope you get your vim back soon. B12?

  2. "Stately" is good - it brings to mind the self-possessed demeanor of days gone by. I think I'd settle for stately... But in my minds eye I'm still eyeing a ramp and setting up the next jump. Sometimes it's not easy letting go of the pursuits of your younger days, especially when I still feel like I'm 21 years old on a good day...

    I'm looking for a vim supplement. Something that not only boosts vim (and vigor) but increases patience and gets rid of the urge to whine. Better days ahead.

    Steve Z