Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Variety - photo supplement

When I put together the "Variety" post yesterday I realized that there were a lot more good photos than could be used in a short blog post.  So after a bit of reflection I decided to make another post with captioned pictures, as well as a short video clip.

The restless waters of Beaver Creek

Gathering sap for maple syrup the new-fangled way.

Beside the Greenway in Ashtabula County.

Youngstown Underpass
Contoured hillside trail at Beaver Creek.

Ripple on Mill Creek.

Rain filled hole in a rock beside Mill Creek.

I went for a ride on the rail trail this afternoon (love daylight savings time) and heard the unmistakeable sign of spring.

Spring peepers - the little frogs that let you know that spring is here.  Very, very cool.


  1. I love seeing all the local places you go! it's also great when i see you places i've been!!! although i'm strictly a "asphalt trail" kinda guy! just out of curiosity how far have you rode the greenway?

  2. Thanks!

    I've ridden the whole section in Trumbull County that's north of Warren, plus the Ashtabula end up to the on-road part at Rock Creek. But now that I've started going up further north to park I'm hoping that I'll have time to push on further. I'd really like to get the wife to drop me off up in Ashtabula and ride the trail back home to Warren. That would be a pretty cool way to spend the day.

    I've ridden some of the Mahoning County section as well, plus part of the Little Beaver Creek Greenway down at Leetonia. Haven't been on the new Niles section yet, but with the bridge out across the Mahoning it would end up being two short out-n-backs.

    Steve Z