Friday, October 31, 2014

Video Snapshots

For the last couple of years I've been trying to carry a digital camera with me just about every time I go do something (and no, I don't just use the one on my smart phone because I don't have - or want - one).  The result is that I take a lot of photos, most of which are not very good.  Sometimes though I take a video clip instead - just a short recording of a few moments, trying to capture the feeling of the time and place.  Here are a couple of the good ones.

This is Little Beaver Creek, in eastern Ohio.  The stone structure is one of the locks from the old Sandy and Beaver Canal built in the mid 19th century.  This one is the infamous haunted Gretchen's Lock, an appropriate subject for the Halloween season.

Headwaters Trail is a rail trail in nearby Portage County.  This little waterfall is just off the main trail, yet you can only see it after the summer foliage is gone.

Next is the mill and dam on Slippery Rock Creek at McConnell's Mill State Park in western Pennsylvania.  This is one of the main whitewater creeks in our area, and I've spend dozens, if not hundreds, of days paddling here.

My brother and I went camping at Mountwood Park, near Parkersburg, WV for a two day mountain bike binge.  There is a big campground a mile away, and seven sites by the lake - where there was no one camped.  This was our view in the morning.

Western Reserve Greenway is a part of the Great Ohio Lake To River Greenway.  It's the local rail trail, and I spend quite a bit of time riding there.  This is the leaf fall on the Ashtabula County portion of the trail, just north of Rock Creek.

This one is from the Trumbull County section of the Western Reserve Greenway, passing wetlands near the wildlife viewing platform.

One more WRG clip - this one heading back home on a winter ride.  The tire track is from me on the way out.

High water on Coffee Run, a micro creek 20 minutes from downtown Youngstown.  Looks like it might be good to paddle with just a teeny bit more water...

The view out my office window into the air shaft during a heavy summer storm.  Watch the rain go upwards in front of the window.

The view of Youngstown from on top of YSU's Debartolo Hall, during my roof renovation observations this summer.

This is the view from the top of the quarry at West Branch State Parks Quarry Trail on the mountain bike trail system.

Speaking of mountain biking, this is a section of Dogwood Trail at Beaver Creek State Park, Ohio.

Here's my brother Matt riding the upper spring crossing line on Quarry Trail at West Branch State Park.

And me heading downhill at Moraine State Park in Pennsylvania.

Finally, a quick clip of me trying to record night riding over rocks at West Branch State Park - and crashing.

Hope you enjoyed the quick clips.

EDIT:  Wow, I didn't realize how bad the Blogger video processing was going to effect the videos.  You can't see the falling leaves or levitating rain at all.  Sorry!

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