Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Greenway was White

I got up nice and early this morning to see if I could get out and do something while Diana was at work and Kenny was at his friends house.  It was just a little below freezing, with an inch of snow on the ground and more coming down.  Knowing that the ground at Moraine was completely soaked, and that the drive over there would take even more than the normal hour each way, I decided to try and stay close to home.  So I packed my gear and headed out for an early morning snow ride on the Western Reserve Greenway.

Instead of starting from the nearby Sunside trailhead I headed north a bit to the Oakfield trailhead.  When I got there the parking area was empty, but there were two bike tracks on the snow already.  Somebody sure made an early ride on the snow today.  I headed north and rode up past the Ashtabula County line before turning around and heading back.

The snow was coming down pretty good, and starting to stick a little bit more.  When I came up to the Dunkerton Road crossing, there were no car tracks on the road - just the bike tracks crossing on the trail.

The ditches along the trail were full of water from the recent rains.  At one spot there was a little dam where someone, probably a muskrat, had tried to make a pool.

It was a nice ride.  My feet were about frozen when I got back to the car, and my bike was crusted over with snow and ice.

I'm glad that I managed to at least get out, and I guess I did enjoy pushing on through the snow and wind.  You can't even tell there was a snow storm this morning by now.  Temperatures came up to near 40, and all the snow melted.  Lets see what happens tomorrow.

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