Friday, January 6, 2012


I'm very happy to be able to say - after being away since September - that I got to ride my new bike on actual dirt singletrack today.

Hot damn.

I got off work at noon to find 55 degree temps, so I rushed home and loaded everything up.  Next thing I was on my way to Moraine - the place to ride when it's wet.

Five minute from the Moraine trails

 And it was great - the trail had a very few wet sections, but of course all the rocks were just peachy.

I didn't ride far since I had limited time and I was being extra careful not to hurt myself.  But for the first time on singletrack in four months, on technical stuff that was wet and slippery - it was pretty great

I even took a little bit of time to shoot some quick video while I was out - and here's that video on youtube!:

With any luck I'll be able to get a bit more saddle time this weekend, but I know for sure that Sunday afternoon is going to be trail work time.

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